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Grandfather's War Diary, part eleven




In which not a great deal happens apparently.... Things get a lot more exciting in tomorrow's twelth and final entry from the diary.

APRlL 1916

Saturday 1st

Again visit the hills and see British aeroplane brought down by clean hit at Calonne. Get a piece of machine nearly two miles away. No working party—thanks, Brig.

Sunday 2nd

Go billeting to Villers au Bois. Stay here four hours and then go into the line in evening. Take over the same sector as before. Long and tiring march through trenches. Get shelled a bit but no casualties.

Monday 3rd

Simply a glorious day. Laze about in short sleeves. No shelling during day. Tea time, we strafe with trench howitzers. 30 in ten minutes. Much shellfire but we get no casualties. Quiet night, but cold towards morning.

Tuesday 4th

Stand to at 4.15am. Colder and misty. Long stand to. Dull day up to dinner time.

[There are no diary entries from April 5th to April 28th, apart from April 26th, which notes “usual working parties”.]

Saturday 29th

Spend most of day getting ready for inspections. Evening celebrating some promotions. Beaucoup champagne. Oh. George! That vinegar.

Sunday 30th

Church parade in full pack and Battalion drill in morning. Write letters and have short stroll in evening. Good weather.

NOTE: No part of this document to be re-printed or published in any form without specific written permission of W A M MacCormick © W A M MacCormick 2006



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