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    How NOT to use blogs

    By keithmroberts

    This area is not for queries but for ongoing blogs. if you want to ask for help, please go to the appropriate sub-forum in the main part of the GWF. You have been asked to make your first post in a specified location. Once you have done that, your query can be raised in the various sections of the forum. If you previously posted a request for help or information in this area, it is likely to be deleted at some point in the next few weeks or months. So if you have a reply, please make a note o

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    November 1st: Moved to (unclear) for rest. Expecting my leave.

     November 2nd: [blank]

     November 3rd: Going on leave tonight.

     November 4th : Left (Ledegem?) for Boulogne at 5am. Arrived Boulogne 6.50am

     November 5th: Left Boulogne for Folkestone at 11.30am, arrived 1am, London at 4.20pm

     November 6th: Grimsby at 5.30am home 6.am

     November 7th – 10th: On Leave

     November 11th: Armistice signed by Germany. On Leave.

    November 12th- November 18th: Leave

     November 19th: Leave. Having an (easy/early?) day. Last day of Leave. Left Grimsby at 8 Peterborough (?) 10.30am. Left by G.W.R.

     November 20th: (unclear) Battery arrived London 4am left at 7.50am

     November 21st: at Boulogne at 4.30pm went to rest. Left at 8am on 21st (unclear)

     November 22nd: Left Countrai at 10am got to (unclear) 

     November 23rd: Left for (unclear) to find Battery

     November 24th- November 30th: [blank]




    December 1st- December 8th: [blank]

     December 9th: (unclear) Overboulaere. Raining.

     December 10th: Viane. Raining.

     December 11th: Viane. Showery.

     December 12th: Tubize. Raining and cold. 

     December 13th: Tubize. Raining. Left at 10am 14th

     December 14th: arrived 3pm Braine Le Chateau. Showery and cold.

     December 15th: Braine Le Chateau. Cold and showery. Left 10.am.

     December 16th: Waterloo at 3:45pm. Very cold, showery.

     December 17th: Left Waterloo at 10.am arrived Sart Dames Avelines. Raining, bitter cold.

     December 18th: Sart Dames Avelines left at 9.30am arrived Balâtre 2.30pm. Bitter cold and raining. 

     December 19th- December 31st: [blank]

     Other writing in the diary: 


    13th April 1915 proceeded to France

    Cambage- 181 Hibson Rd Nelson

     Must write letters to Sheffield

     (Unclear) Chapman (?) 65 Doncaster Road Barnsley

    Recipe for seasickness- chew (unclear- mints?) from embarking to disembarking. Never known to fail. By an old (unclear)


    In the event of my death this diary to be sent to my fiancée Miss E Parkin, 70 Heneage Road Grimsby. W Markham. 20.1.1918




    Thank you for reading!

  2. Dec 31st

    Relieved by K.R.R’s and marched back to 49th Division Camp at Vlmertinghe arriving about 12.30am 1-1-16 absolutely knocked up, so we saw in the new year marching along a Belgium road in a pretty exhausted condition, but we managed to welcome it with a song or two nevertheless.


    **********End this diary/blog where it began.....20 blog pages ago....marching along a Belgium road pretty exhausted but welcoming the new year with a song of two***************

    Dedicated to the memory of my grandfather....


    If anyone wants a word version of this diary just let me know and I will email it. It is also available at the Imperial War Museum IWM -ref: 82/11/1


  3. bmac
    Latest Entry

    Well, about three weeks later than expected, the proof copy of the book dropped through the letter box this morning (slightly untrue that. It's so damn big it was left in the porch, but never mind). It's a strange feeling to have something you have worked on for six years resting in one's hands. Lump in the throat time. From my days in the music business I have plenty of albums on which I played and co-wrote songs but this book means more to me than they do - this is, after all, all my own work.

    Anyway, I have placed an order for an initial print run (in the tens not the hundreds!) and now hope that I might come close to breaking even on the project.

    Seeing this project come to fruition has helped me make a decision about doing another one. I have already started work: the list of files at the National Archives, Liddle Collection and IWM is already complete and visits are being planned. Several battalion histories and other relevant books have been located. A Roll of Honour of the men who died is complete apart from the CWGC details. Bloody hell, the first 2,500 words have even been written. This time, though, I am going to try to work to a more precise timetable and have set myself a deadline of next May (which is a bit optimistic as this is one one sixth of the time 'Pro Patria Mori' took!). And the subject? Well, it only seems fair to complete the 'other half' of the Gommecourt attack. So, '"A Lack of Offensive Spirit" - The 46th (North Midland) Division at Gommecourt, 1st July 1916' will be the next off the production line. And disproving Gen Snow's disgraceful slander of the men of the North Midlands will be high on the agenda!

    Off to work we go...

    Web site: http://www.gommecourt.co.uk

    'Pro Patria Mori: the 56th (1st London) Division at Gommecourt, 1st July 1916' available from May '06

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