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November and December 1918





November 1st: Moved to (unclear) for rest. Expecting my leave.

 November 2nd: [blank]

 November 3rd: Going on leave tonight.

 November 4th : Left (Ledegem?) for Boulogne at 5am. Arrived Boulogne 6.50am

 November 5th: Left Boulogne for Folkestone at 11.30am, arrived 1am, London at 4.20pm

 November 6th: Grimsby at 5.30am home 6.am

 November 7th – 10th: On Leave

 November 11th: Armistice signed by Germany. On Leave.

November 12th- November 18th: Leave

 November 19th: Leave. Having an (easy/early?) day. Last day of Leave. Left Grimsby at 8 Peterborough (?) 10.30am. Left by G.W.R.

 November 20th: (unclear) Battery arrived London 4am left at 7.50am

 November 21st: at Boulogne at 4.30pm went to rest. Left at 8am on 21st (unclear)

 November 22nd: Left Countrai at 10am got to (unclear) 

 November 23rd: Left for (unclear) to find Battery

 November 24th- November 30th: [blank]




December 1st- December 8th: [blank]

 December 9th: (unclear) Overboulaere. Raining.

 December 10th: Viane. Raining.

 December 11th: Viane. Showery.

 December 12th: Tubize. Raining and cold. 

 December 13th: Tubize. Raining. Left at 10am 14th

 December 14th: arrived 3pm Braine Le Chateau. Showery and cold.

 December 15th: Braine Le Chateau. Cold and showery. Left 10.am.

 December 16th: Waterloo at 3:45pm. Very cold, showery.

 December 17th: Left Waterloo at 10.am arrived Sart Dames Avelines. Raining, bitter cold.

 December 18th: Sart Dames Avelines left at 9.30am arrived Balâtre 2.30pm. Bitter cold and raining. 

 December 19th- December 31st: [blank]

 Other writing in the diary: 


13th April 1915 proceeded to France

Cambage- 181 Hibson Rd Nelson

 Must write letters to Sheffield

 (Unclear) Chapman (?) 65 Doncaster Road Barnsley

Recipe for seasickness- chew (unclear- mints?) from embarking to disembarking. Never known to fail. By an old (unclear)


In the event of my death this diary to be sent to my fiancée Miss E Parkin, 70 Heneage Road Grimsby. W Markham. 20.1.1918




Thank you for reading!


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