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22nd Battery Mobilises




On the Khyber, having pushed back the initial Afghan invasion, on 13th and 14th May 1919 the British advanced into Afghanistan to Loe Dakka. Meanwhile 22nd Battery, having recovered  from policing operations in the Punjab to Rawalpindi, was warned for further operations. On 14th May, the battery left Rawalpindi by train at 0200 hours, arriving in Kohat at 1300 hours the same day. The following day, 15th May, all the baggage cars, with the guns of Number 1 Section, formed a road convoy to move forward from Kohat to Parachinar, taking forward a supply of petrol for the motorcycles. This petrol convoy arrived back in Kohat, having successfully completed its mission at 1900 hours on 16th May; it had covered 232 miles in 28 hours, including halts. Battery headquarters, along with Number 2 and 3 sections, then left Kohat on the morning of 17th May and arrived in Parachinar that evening. Number 1 Section then left Kohat at 1630 hours on 19th May, arriving in Parachinar at 1100 hours 20th May, having overnighted at Thal. Thus, the battery was complete in Parachinar, in the Upper Kurram Valley. 


trrop train 1919.jpg



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