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In action in the Upper Kurram




On 26th May 1919 the Afghans attacked the Kurram Militia outposts protecting the Peiwar Villages in the Upper Kurram Valley. Afghan regulars and tribesmen,  supported by artillery fire, advanced across the border near Peiwar Kotal. Captain R W Wilson of the Kurram Militia  counterattacked with 200 men. The Afghans were driven back with considerable loss. The militia were reinforced by number 2 section of 22 MMG, who were relieved on 27 May by number 3 section, commanded by A/Sjt Bill Macro.

Also on 27 May, Number 1 section 22 MMG was despatched with men of 3rd Guides Infantry to replace the garrison of Alizai which had been withdrawn into Thal to redist Nadir Khan's siege.




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