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Royal Garrison Artillery - Heavy Batteries.



Heavy Batteries were initially part of the Divisional Artillery, each Regular Amy Division being allocated a Battery of 60 pounders, Territorial’s 4.7" gun. Some coastal artillery defended ports had a Heavy Battery where no fixed coast defences were in place. The Durham Heavy Battery, for example was, deployed on mobilisation in 1914 to cover the River Wear. Territorial Batteries were also tasked to raise a second battery at the start of the war. With the formation of New Army Divisions, additional Heavy Batteries were formed.

In 1916 the Heavy Batteries were grouped at Army and Corps level, and would be allocated as part of Heavy Artillery Groups (HAG). Like Siege Batteries and HAG's, they would move for major offensives or for different phases of battles to provide specific capabilities. Information on their movements and engagements can therefore be found in individual Battery war diaries, or the war diaries of the HAG to which they were allocated.

The GWF has a number of posts on individual Heavy Batteries, and there are some individual web sites as well. A listing can be found on this blog.

Long Long Trail

Heavy Batteries of the Royal Garrison Artillery


Strength of the RGA in 1918

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