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About this blog

Royal Artillery topics

Information and topics relating to the Gunners of the Royal Horse Artillery, Royal Field Artillery, and the Royal Garrison Artillery during the First World War. 

As I meander through research, battlefield tours and contributions to the GWF Forum, certain topics arise an interest which I record here. 


Entries in this blog

Heavy Artillery Serviceability

Whilst  researching activities in the Nieuport sector in 1917, I came across a graph in the XV Corps Heavy Artillery War Diary for November 1917 (WO-95-927-3 - page 10) recording the serviceability of the guns attached to Corps. Reports and returns are an essential to the logistic system to ensure the availability  of resources to conduct operations.    The graph covers the period from 22nd June through to 30th November 1917, the period XV Corps occupied the Nieuport sector in preparat


ianjonesncl in Artillery Operations

Chinese Labour Corps Ammunition Logistics

Whilst on my last trip to Ypres I visited the Chinese Memorial  at Busseboom which commemorates the part played by 140,000 Chinese Labourers employed by the British and French  during the Great War.   Their contribution and role is outlined by the National Archives;  National Archives - Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front     CHINESE LABOUR CORPS MEMORIAL BUSSEBOOM   Adjacent is another memorial to 13 Chinese labourers killed in a German air raid on


ianjonesncl in Artillery Operations

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