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Hi everyone,

 I am researching the life of an English merchant seaman with details as follows:


Eden DAX (1862-1927), born in Kensington.

In 1880 he apprenticed into and served with the General Steamship & Navigation Company (GSNC) and

was employed there all his life, his last rank being Second Mate.

He was awarded the BWM and the Mercantile Marine War Medal for his service in WW1


Second Mate Eden DAX was on the crew list of SS SHELDRAKE in 1915 (which also was his previous ship,

see https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/641686.html).

The Steamer SHELDRAKE (on her route to Naples) was sunk by the German U25 on 8 November, 1916,

and the Master and the Chief Engineer were reported as having been taken prisoners of war.


Was Eden DAX at the time of the sinking of SS SHELDRAKE still on the crew list and what happened to him?


I would be grateful for any help in this matter.


Kind regards - Zalipie

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