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My second life in the ghost world of the Great War battlefields

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"Battling" the battlefield and rain…

Time is passing and I still couldn’t start with the main narrative of my research. All prologues, bibliography and geography pages are online, but the "flesh" of the work is on terrible delay – graphics are not even developed yet, but worst, the first chapters couldn’t be backed with reasonable photos since by some reason I didn’t get the chance to take some good ones. Rare 10 days in a roll of rain and fog had not only prevented me from going out for some essential tours, but also turned the



The map

I have always been enthusiastic with maps. I spent hours paging my map book in geography classes instead of listening to the teacher. The colors and different types of maps were always fascinating and so full of knowledge to my opinion, so I never left any map under my hands to pass without carefully looking at it, learning as much as I could about its features. When I grew up I got involved with the serious maps, those of the 1:50,000 scales, which weren’t as picturesque as the ones I used to "



Who's back?

It has been a long exile for the kids out of my ears. Over exposure and age, making my head and its content more and more sensitive to various combinations of material and mental feedings, forced me to suspend my habit of Roger Doltrying my poor ears with deadly sound levels, while reading some article in a bus packed with passengers sharing the same air as me. Time had brought some improvements. For some journeys I changed the bus withg a train, article to a laptop and as for the air, I just



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