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No grave for British soldier that died as POW?

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And to add a bit-     There are quite a lot of references to  Munster Camp and its Lazarett in the series FO1111 for 1918.   These are the digitised card index of FO bits and pieces with reference numbers as to where the infor. was within the FO.  There are numerous record cards about the poor conditions in the camp  (There also appear to be 2 Lazaretts-one normal, one mental-if they are the same place, could this indicate head wounds???)   Munster was at the centre of a system of labour camps and there are many complaints of disease, working conditions , holding back of parcels, unreported deaths, etc. One card of interest is this:






     Whether the records have survived is another matter.  But I will have a crack at tracking the references on next visit to Kew.  I have a suspicion from other matters that MOD may have held back materials relating to potential war crimes by the Germans-or any other contentious matter on the POW debriefs.  Which may spur a letter to MOD for a look-around for records of A.G.3 (Advocate-General 3) which may still exist and be on closure. Obviously, unregistered deaths is a problem area but hopefully there is material within the FO system  about the problems of Musster Camp. The camp list of POWs is my first target to track.

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Thank you Voltaire, sorry not to have replied sooner, I have been away on holiday. Very kind of you to look at Kew.


Would "mental" hospital have referred to shell shock? Does the 62150 reference refer to the file number that contained British Prisoners list?


I will try and find any reference in local papers (Handsworth, Birmingham) and perhaps ask the CWGC about unidentified bodies that may have been moved from Munster.

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