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Soldiers serving unnder an alias

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11 hours ago, rolt968 said:


Didn't a soldier have to give the date and place of marriage and the date and place of birth of his children. I'm sure I have seen them in solder's records. Or was that only for men marrying while serving?  I suppose it might be a bit awkward if a soldier declared a correct date of marriage, but knew that anyone checking would not find the marriage as the name was wrong.


I suppose a widow would have to produce her marriage certificate if there was another claimant.


That would be the case on most attestations certificates, they  would have to  show  proof of a  wife and children, but in cases like Pals Battalions most men would be known to the form filler, they probably knew the wife and children personally. I have several sets of records where proof had to be provided and signed by a magistate or a cleric.

In one case even the chief of police vouched for a woman and child,  whose husband had left his wife, broken the home up, and recorded some on else as benificiary, the deserted wife finally got the pension for her and her daughter.

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