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Richard Birs

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Can Anyone help.

Richard Birs


Hi guys have a really good one to test you.I have so little information to give except think a Lieutenant as-cards signed by M Dowdell

addressed to Mrs Dowdell 8 Bellview Gardens Clapham Road London SW 9 Censor no 6892 which i believe is Ciney in France? Cards bare this out The card has lightly WW1 Railways written on it? nNot in the senders hand his only statement on both cards is spent one night here.Anyone with any ideas on how to proceed?

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Michelle Young


You would be better off posting this on the main forum. The blog section is not a place for general enquiries. 

How NOT to use blogs



Entry posted by keithmroberts 



This area is not for queries but for ongoing blogs. if you want to ask for help, please go to the appropriate sub-forum in the main part of the GWF.

You have been asked to make your first post in a specified location. Once you have done that, your query can be raised in the various sections of the forum.

If you previously posted a request for help or information in this area, it is likely to be deleted at some point in the next few weeks or months. So if you have a reply, please make a note of it, If not, can you re-post it in the appropriate part of the forum, which is likely to get you a quick response.

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