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A very interesting sight recording 45th Siege Battery during the Great War.

The site is dedicated to Gunner A H Deadman who served with the Battery.


45th Siege Battery R.G.A.


The Battery was equipped  with two 9.2 inch mark VI rail guns which were constructed from surplus naval guns mounted on railway platforms by the Elswick  Ordnance Company, Newcastle upon Tyne.




The 45th Siege Battery was formed 17th July 1915 at Sheerness from half of 18 Siege Battery. The latter was formed 1st February 1915, also in Sheerness.


The 45th SB deployed to France 31st August 1915, arriving in Boulogne the following day. The guns arrived from Southampton on 2nd September. The battery moved to the front arriving at the Beurvy Siding on 13th September 1915. The battery would fire it's first rounds on the 17th September.


The site details the firing positions of the battery from 1915 to 1918 which is supported by maps and pictures of the locations. The maps of the positions are especially interesting as it gives a good appreciation of the deployment of railway artillery.


45th Siege Battery Operational Sites 1915-1918

45th Siege Battery Site Photographs 1915-1918 / 2016


The war site contains the war diaries of the Battery.

  45th Siege Battery RGA War Diaries





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