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Patrolling the North West Frontier (1)




Having arrived in Rawalpindi in late March 1916, 22nd Motor Machine Gun Battery were not given much time to settle in. Despite the heat they were soon out on a month long 1000 mile familiarisation patrol on the North West Frontier. The Battery Mechanic Sergeant was Sgt Alfred Fielder. He recorded in a subsequent letter to the Motor Cycle magazine that the Battery left Rawalpindi on 5th April and drove/rode to Nowshera, a distance of eighty miles. On the way they passed Attock, the confluence of the rivers Indus and Kabul. Fielder records that they "had a decent journey, except for the dust, which was awful." He also records that the Battery stopped at Nowshera for 6th April, before on the 7th moving to Chakdara Fort, up on the frontier. 





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