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Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm

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1st December 1918 Lamsdorf POW, the Russians are plotting.

Sgt Thomas William Chisholm



Sunday 1st December 1918

                                                A Plot Revealed

One sergeant arrived back in camp at dinner time from working at the railhead in the company of a squad of Russians. He had relieved a Tommy of his jacket earlier that morning in the hope of exchanging it for a bit of salt fish or ground meal. However he brought news of an intended raid on the British quarters by a mob of Russians.

 It appeared that he had heard them talking together and one of the guards had told him what the conversation was about, and he came to us with the warning. Not wishing for a repeat of the happenings of the 12th, we immediately took steps to fortify ourselves against any possible attack, anything we could use as a weapon were kept by our beds, and finally when we retired for the night it was agreed to barricade the door, so when the doors had been closed for the night, we moved one of the sets of bunks right close up and with what rope we could get hold of, securely fastened the door to the posts of the bunk, because the doors happened to open outward. It was seen that if anyone tried to open them, as soon as they were pulled, the bunks would shake and wake the occupants, thus we would be warned in time to defend ourselves.

Of course this was not done in fear of losing our goods but in all probability of saving life, because we knew that the Russians were in a desperate plight from want of food, and they would not hesitate to kill if necessary. So we were obliged to take these precautions.

However nothing came to pass that night, but we continued this practice for something like a week. All the time during the day we had them visiting our hut for any soup which was not used up, but we always kept a wary eye on them and would not permit them to come further than the inside of the door.



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