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Canadian Corps Championships Winners & Photo Opportunity Politicians Part 2



100 YEARS AGO TODAY:  Canadian Corps Championships Winners & Photo Opportunity Politicians Part 2


MIKAN 3404909 Imperial Troops passing General Mewburn, Canadian Minister of Militia. Resting on roadside are Canadians. 2nd July, 1918.


MIKAN 3404910 General Mewburn, Minister of Militia, interested in the Mascot of a Canadian Scottish Battalion. 2nd July, 1918.


MIKAN 3404911 General Mewburn talking to a man of a Canadian Infantry Btn. 2nd July, 1918.


MIKAN 3406035 Sir Robert Borden watching 15th Battalion march past. 2nd July, 1918.


MIKAN 3522168 Sir Robert Borden and Mr. Calder with Canadian Officers. 2nd July, 1918.



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interesting photo #3 the soldier appears to have arm band with what looks like a cross, also sporting a ribbon, any idea of what the arm band is??




Bob R.

also soldier sitting to his left, can make out similar arm band

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Good eye,Bob.  Never noticed these before, and came up empty searching online.

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unusual arm band, never seen one like it before, wonder if it was just used for the games???

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I am thinking it must have religious connotations...perhaps a sign of a Catholic?

Worn on day of mass perhaps?

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