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MIKAN 3404073: Arras Front - Sauchy-Chauchy. April & May 1919. 1914-1919




MIKAN 3404073: Arras Front - Sauchy-Chauchy. April & May 1919. 1914-1919 o.4600



Sauchy-Cauchy 11th April 2017 at 5:00 P.M

Story time: The family was quite curious about what I was doing, so I ventured over to the gate and showed them the original photograph.
"Ca c'est incroyable, oui?", I asked. "C'est votre maison-la!"...in my barely decipherable Quebecois\West Island accent.
They looked back and forth between their home and the photo several times, somewhat in disbelief, and then suddenly and without a word...
...they turned their back on me and walked away.
It was the kind of reaction I have received when I have strayed too far from the Front Lines.
Not the usual reaction I was expecting from a region that was "in the thick of it."




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Interesting as ever Ted. Sauchy-Cauchy sounds ever so slightly risque, like WW1 slang for horizontal refreshment......




P.S. The views of Notre-Dame de Lorette you posted are absolutely brilliant by the way, I've never seen anything that good of the area.

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