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IWM - Nery Gun

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Visited the Imperial War Museum London contains the Nery Gun which was engaged in the Action at Nery 1st September 1914 resulting in the awarding of 3 Victoria Crosses.

NeryGun.jpg Nery Gun Imperial War Museum

During the Retreat from Mons the 1st Cavalry Brigade were on the western flank of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). In support of the Brigade were III Brigade RHA (D & E Bty) and VII RHA (I & L Bty). On the night of the night of the 31st August 1914 the 1st Cavalry Brigade were billeted in the village of Nery, 65 km (40 miles) NE of Paris. In the early hours of 1st September, with mist as cover, the German 4th Cavalry Division attacked the British in Nery.

Nery1Sep1914.jpg Action at Nery

1st September 1914

L Battery RHA brought 3 guns into action to engage German Artillery. In the ensuing artillery duel, one of L Battery's guns was immediately destroyed, the second shortly after.

Captain Bradbury and Sergeant Nelson continued to fire from the third gun, when they were joined by BSM Dorrell as detachment members became casualties. Under heavy German artillery fire, Captain Bradbury was mortally wounded as he collected ammunition, whilst BSM Dorrell and Sgt Nelson continued firing until ammunition was expended. The action helped to hold the German advance, and causing them to withdraw.


L Battery RHA Nery 1st September 1914

For their gallantry, Captain Bradbury, BSM Dorrell and Sgt Nelson were awarded the Victoria Cross.


Nery VC's

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