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Please does anyone have the War Diary or a unit history fro the 21st Manchesters, specifically covering the period March to July, 1916.

I am trying to find out when and where Lieutenant G. G. L. Cruickshank was wounded; I am told it was around this period. His wound were serious enough for him to be invalided home and not return to France so I think iot probably would have been recorded.



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From battalion history:

"On the 13th (July), the battalion marched to Mametz Halte, bivouacked there for the night in fine weather and moved next day to the valley under sabot copse where the brigade was in reserve. "C" Company was sent forward to reinforce troops attacking Bazentin-le-Petit Wood and "D" Company to supprt those attacking Bazentin-le-Grand Wood. CaptainJ Chapman was killed on this date and Lt A P little and F T taylor wounded. In the evening, both "C" and "D" Companies were recalled into reserve and the battalion moved forwardto provide the right flank guard to brigade attack on High Wood. Captain N Plummer and 2nd Lt G H power were wounded. Part of High Wood was captured on this date and there seemed a prospect of breaking the second german lin. meanwhile cavalry had passed through the batalion but thye were unable to push ahead and withdrew during the afternoon of the 15th. About the same time "A", "B" and "D" Compnaies of 21st Manchesters moved forward to High Wood to supprt the 1st South Staffords and 2nd Queens. "C" Company was also held at the disposal of 1st South Staffords. 2nd Lt H A Pickford was killed on this date and Captain C J M Hobson and 2nd Lts GCL Cruikshank and ET Timpson wounded."

There's mention of a gallantry recommendation for a Pte Kershaw "In the second push, pte Kershaw and another man carried 2nd Lt Cruikshank out of High Wood when he was badly wounded and we had been forced to retire to the fringe of the Wood. These two men remained behind and bandaged his foot and came out with him with an enemy machine gun in full fire close ebhind him".

For further info, it previously mentions the Bn entraining for Folkestone. "Lt Cruikshank was left at Larkhill with orders to hand over the barracks and stores to the barrack master and then report himself to the depot together with all officers who were in excess of establishment".


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Johh Hartley, you are an absolute star!

I work with his grandson and promised i'd try and find out some details. I'll pass this on to him straight away.

Well done, that man !!


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