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Medal Card - France 1916 - Victory and British - No Star

Bryan Spice

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Could this be an error or anomaly re a Soldier who got the Victory and British War Medals and served in France but did not (per his Medal Card) get the 1914-15 Star.

The following from his Medal card and Army Pension Record

John Layfield

79054 - Royal Garrison Artillery - Gunner

17965 - Army Pay Corp

Reported for duty May 1916 in Dover.

Mobilised and posted 19 May 1916.

24 May 1916 a "Gunner" in 135 Siege Battery RGA.

Embarked from Folkestone on 19 August 1916 and disembarked the same day at Boulogne.

Service in France only lasted from 19 August 1916 to 7 November 1916 because on 7 November 1916 he slipped into a trench and sustained a fracture of right tibia and fibula.

Invalided to England from Rouen on 11 November 1916 aboard Hospital Ship "Aberdonian".

Listed at Depot 2 (Gosport, Hampshire) on 12 November 1916.

Admitted St. Luke War Hospital in Bradford, Yorkshire on 14 November 1916.

Leg had to be re-set and was not discharged from the hospital until 11 April 1917. There followed a period of convalescence before listed at 10 Command in Ripon, Yorkshire on 26 April 1917.

Posted 14 June 1917 to 1 Reserve Brigade Siege (Shoreham, Kent) / 4 Reserve Battery TF (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire).

Due to his injury transferred to the Army Pay Corp on 11 December 1917 .

Examined in Nottingham 6 February 1919 to determine his physical condition and eligibility and extent of his pension.

He was discharged 12 March 1919


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The cut-off date for the 1914-15 Star was reaching an operation theatre of war (France, Gallipoli, Africa, Egypt, etc.) on or before 31-12-1915. Since John went overseas in 1916, therefore no Star. His card reflects exactly what would be expected from the Service details you have posted above.

His posting to Ripon Command Depot would have been for massage and physiotherapy to get his strength back before being posted to an active unit, by the way.


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Just a couple of things.

It looks that he attested on 31 January 1916 (Derbey Scheme man?)

He was sent to South Camp, Ripon, No.4 Depot at that time, and joined 10 Coy (company). I expect that he wsa supposed to be working then, although he may have been given light duties.


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Thank you Kevin and Steve.

Aplogies for the late response but I am still coming to terms with the email set up whereby I will receive a notification that a response to my posting has been made.

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