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Lovat's scouts, Atholl Bonnet

Peter Doyle

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I've just obtained a nice Atholl Bonnet to the Lovat's Scouts (Black with black dicing and tail, black toorie). Given that the appearance of the Great War Scots Balmoral Bonnet differs from that used in WW2, does anyone know whether the same applies to the Atholl. i.e. was it larger, fuller, etc?

Thanks again!



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There should not be any real difference between a WW1 and WW2 Bonnet. I have notice that some examples, the wool has more of a stiffnes about it, but whether this is due to dirt, usage etc, I can not say. I have also seen one example where the Tails at thr back of the Atholl bonnet went in through two holes in the cap band and allowed the owner to tighten it to fit his head. This was on an officers version, and I have never seen another.

Unless the hat has issue stamps, or an owners name inside, it would be very hard to age it. They are still made and worn by Highland dancers etc.



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Stewart, Michael, thanks very much. Its a nice piece - has no stamps, marks, etc, so hard to say, I guess.



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post-2067-1213206790.jpgThis photo was taken in 1916 of Sgt. Malcolm Morrison, Lovat Scouts, who was in the original contingent in 1900 in South Africa.

Mike Morrison

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