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I hope this does not confuse the matter but I have just been looking at "Airfields and Airmen - Ypres" by Mike O'Connor on another matter and noticed the Order of Battle for the Third Battle of Ypres, which is closer to the date that you are looking at. At that time, according to this book, 17 Balloon Company (CO being captain F C Mears) was part of the 5th Kite Balloon Wing in V Brigade RFC (not II Brigade), along with the 15 Corps Wing and 22 Army Wing for aircraft. It was based at that time at Poperinghe, a stone's throw from the Lijssenhoek cemetery. At that time Kite Balloon Sections 13 and 18 were part of the 17 Balloon Company.



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Here's a file to look at:

AIR 1/1051/204/5/1530 Daily routine orders: 5 Balloon Wing. 1917 Oct. - Dec.

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Cheers for those bits of info:)

the location is good Steve, thanks.

I got the mans service record from the NA, but its very very empty. Just the KIA. No mention of transfer from RSF/RE.

I think i requested a quote for routine orders, but i need to narrow down the dates, as requesting Oct-Dec is like ....... a small fortune. i was wondering around what dates at the most would you request to be copied for any info on cause of death/accident or whatever?

Say from date of death to 1, 2, 3 days or a week after????

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I would not like to hazard a guess on that - other people may have had better experiences than either of us. I once asked for a quote and the estimate was greater than the cost for me to fly from Sydney to London, stay in an expensive hotel and see the records for myself!

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On the 4th November I went to visit his grave, and i visited Hill 60 and Hill 62 whilst I was there. I did not realise how close he may of been to this section at the time the mines would have been exploded.

I was there with my German wife and we both found it immensely moving.

It seemed appropriate to visit almost 100 years to the day of the end of the war.


I also found these photos amazing> https://mashable.com/2016/03/02/wwi-balloons/?europe=true#IzKZe2K3w8qw






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Hi, I am currently working out a thematic exhibition on the airmen/pilots buried in Lijssenthoek MC. I have read your posts regarding John Chamberlain with great interest and the help from Steve is very useful indeed. I wonder whether you have a picture of John? It would be great to add this to our roll of honour.

Thanks, Annemie

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