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Remembered Today:

Harrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery


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I am visiting Harrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery tommorow morning to photograph the graves of two of my chaps.

If anyone wants pics of a grave in this cemetery please let me know.

There are about 17 WW1 graves plus a special memorial to six other men.

There are also several hundred WW2 graves, mainly Canadian airmen, although if you want a pic of one of the WW2 graves, it would be better if you PM'd me or sent me an email via the link in my profile to avoid the thread going off topic.

Of course in the case of the WW1 graves, post any requests here.



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Would be nice if you could do the ww1 graves for me , and if there s australian chaps there from ww 2

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Hi there,

There are approx 80/90 WW2 Australian Airmen in the CWGC Stonefall Cemetery, and I have started photographing them.

Please PM for further info as its off topic(WW2).

Cheers Roger.

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My great uncle (James Barber McLachlan) is buried there. Say G'day to him for me.


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