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Need info on Entertainment troops


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I am looking for my Great Uncles Service records, if it has survived. It is not on National Archives web site with the information that I have, but I do have his medal Card. His name was Frederick Burrluck on his Medal Card it saids that he was in The Queens R. The story goes is that when he joined up he was underage he got as far as France and for some reason other than being injured he ended up in a hospital. Whilst recooperating a Major as he became. can not remember his name but he did become famouse for music that was done for films in London, He went round the ward looking for able bodied soilders to entertain the wounded that were recovering. The Army found out that my Frederick Burrluck was underage and was all ready to send him back home when this Major got him to stay in the Army if he learnt to play an instrument. He learnt to play the Saxaphone and from then on played to troops going to and from France with this major. Can anybody shed some light on to this as I don't know where to look for him. Did he stay in the Queens R or was it called something else and what were people called if they entertained troops. This happened in WW1.



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You need to get hold of a copy of Sir Cedric Hardwicke's A Victorian in Orbit: edited by James Brough, published 1961.

It's on my list for the next time I go to the British Library in St Pancras, but you can borrow a copy ( for a fee) via you local library on Inter Library Loan. I understand the book makes brief mention of WW1, but it does have 23 illustrations, so you might be lucky!

I will keep a lookout for the name Burrluck in my researches.

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