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Remembered Today:

Romanian Troops with ex-British Uniform items circa 1919.

James Blonde

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Hallo Gents, :D

This picture was just posted at WW2.ro by member:- dacliber

and has the following interest to WW1.

Comments by member:- Kepi, who works at the Romanian Military Museum in Bucharest.


This is a very interesting photo, typical for the 1919 campaign against Hungary.

The three military, sitting on chairs and standing on the right, are wearing British other ranks uniforms, massively supplied by the Allies in spring 1919, to re-equip the poor Romanian army. Khaki colour looks dark grey on the b/w photos.

The "Plutonier TR" on the right also wears British airman laced boots, very rare in WW1, but available after the war and delivered in grand quantities to Romania.

The soldier standing on the left is wearing an Austro-Hungarian tunic (first model made in “lecht-grau” cloth very similar to the Romanian grey-blue). It’s very much possible that the two soldiers of the second line are wearing a later version of the Austro-Hungarian cap (“Kappe”) with only one button in front of the flaps.

The diagonal straps of the two NCOs (“Plutonier”) in front are clear ad-hoc improvisation to indicate the status of the wearers. Both N.C.O.s carry horse whip and stick probably for posing in front of the camera.

This mixed appearance was typical for Romanian army in 1919 and during the first years of the 1920s.

Connaught Stranger :D

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I was with a friend today at the local Gypsy Market, and he picked up this brass plaque:-


Its dated 1916 but made in 1917, depicts a French Soldier greeting a Romanian Soldier.

1916 was the year that Romania came into the war with the Allies.

It shows great detail of the uniforms.

Connaught Stranger. :D

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