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'Less the cost of the coffin'


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While trawling through some old posts looking for West Yorkshire Regt men I cam across this entry

Kelley, F. Cpl. 2012

1/5th West Yorks.

Enlisted Otley 1914

DOW July 15th 1915 aged 33.

Son of John Thomas and Isabelle KElley.

Husband of Annie Kelley, 4 St. Clairs Street, Otley.

Born Nottingham.

His wife received his effects (less the cost of his coffin) but his watch had been stolen.

Was the cost of the coffin regularly deducted?

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Nigel Marshall

Chris, Mick,

It would appear that he didn't die at home as he is buried in Boulogne. Link to CWGC.

Presumably it was at one of the big hospitals and they had the time and resources to make a coffin?

Still seems a bit harsh to charge for it though. Still, I've heard that the price of a blanket was stopped from pay if that was used to wrap a body in.



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Sorry Chris I should have mentioned where he was buried.


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