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The Witch-Kettle


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Hi all,

Just enjoyed reading "The Adventures of U-202" by Edgar Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim and wondered what he meant by the 'Witch-Kettle'? You can down a pdf of the book for free here:


I also understand that these stories are in reality from several different u-boats; has anyone ever identified which stories belong to what boats?



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It seems to me as though an American translator has been at work here. Lurking behind it is the word Hexenkessel, which a British translator would probably translate as 'The Witch's Cauldron.' In military texts, it is, of course, used metaphorically, being taken to mean a place or setting where the fight was especially intense. It crops up frequently as a place name on trench maps.


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I have the original 1917 German version, which seems to have a lot more chapters. But when looking at the translation, it seems to be the same book. Also curious, none of the chapters in that version refer to the Hexenkessel...

There was no U202 in WW I so indeed it are bits and pieces, but from which u-boats ?

Concerning the man who wrote it :


BTW how does UB38 look after all these years ?

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