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My Boy Jack

James Russell

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I recently watched the ITV “My Boy Jack” again, and was intrigued with a couple of trivial points.

1. At the beginning, Kipling is wearing a wrist watch. I thought these were originally called trench watches, and only came into use after the war began. Does anyone know for certain?

2. Before going over the top the sergeant kisses his wedding band. I’m pretty certain men didn’t wear wedding rings until later (certainly not in my family). Would a wedding ring be unusual/improbable in WW1?

Answers are great, but I don't mind speculations either. Thanks

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Wristwatches were available pre-war, I've seen an advert for them from 1912 - they were generally (but not exclusively) aimed at women though, and until the war showed their practicality were seen as somewhat effeminate.

Wedding rings were certainly worn by men at the time.

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