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Army numbers?

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Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to ascertain which battalion of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers a soldier served with by his army number?

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To a certain extent, it is.

Member GRUMPY is the expert in this field, but you could try posting the number(s) here and see what people think.


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Looking at his name he must have buzzed off....


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Hi Guys, sorry about the delay in getting back to you but I`ve been really `BUZZY`...sorry!!! Basically I was just wondering if there are any tips/rules that apply that might help me before I commit to buy, any WW1 medals to the RWF. I`m most interested in the TA Battalions, but anything you can tell me would be of great interest.

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Found this on another website, thought it might be of interest....

Army Order2414 of December 1916 ordered a change to Territorial Forceinfantry numbers effective from 1/3/17.

4th Bn RWF, Territorial Force Assocation area Denbigh, were allocated number block 200001 - 240000

5th Bn, Denbigh, Flint, 240001 - 265000

6th Bn Anglesey, Caernarvon, 265001 - 290000

7th Bn Merioneth, Montgomery, 290001 - 315000

23rd Bn Denbigh, 315001 - 340000,

24th Bn, Denbigh, 340001 - 350000,

25th Bn, Montgomery 350001 - 360000.

Army Order 338 of 1920 renumbered the Army Reserve, & replaced "Regimental" Numbers with "Army Numbers", so there should be no two men in the army with the same number.

Appendix 1 to Army Order 338 of 1920 allocated block 4178001 - 4256000 to the RWF.

(Above information is from "The Collector & Researchers Guide To The Great War" by Howard Williamson)

After this, the number given to a man stayed with him, rather than changing as he changed units or left & rejoined the army - other than men deemed to have enlisted into the Militia under the Military Training Act of 1939, who were given new numbers even if they has previously served in the army (in accordance with "Regulations For The Militia (Other Than The Supplementary Reserve), 1939", paras 1 - 13).

An ex-soldier who re-enlisted after service in the Regular Army, the Supplementary Reserve or the Territorial Army retained his old number.

The World War 2 number block allocated to the RWF was 4178001 - 4256000.

(From "British Army Uniforms & Insignia of World War Two" by Brian Leigh Davis.

I assume the Regular Battalions had 5 digit numbers?

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