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I have been researching Major George Francis Johnston of the Royal Engineers. He was awarded MC in 1916 and bar in 1918. Also appointed DSO in 1919 New Years Honours.

I am led to believe that he is in Whos Who 1920 or around about that time.

Any further info would be much appreciated.


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Have you thought about tracking him down via The Times? Most major libraries hold the complete Times index, published annually. Additionally, many will have the 3 volume set that carries many of the obituaries printed between 1950 and 1975, and a complete index of all obits carried during that period.

I you don't get anything before, I'll check him out the next time I'm in the Central Library.

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There is a book available 'Who Was Who' 1919-28 covering old entries in Whos Who. I have seen it in some reference libraries.

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