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Harold Young


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This is a picture of my late Nan's uncle:


His name was Harold Young, and I think he might have (although I'm not sure) come from somewhere in Yorkshire. From the badge on his cap, I suspect he might have been with the RAMC or Red Cross. But that's all I know.

Can anyone confirm whether the badge is for the RAMC or Red Cross? Also, is there any way of telling from the picture whether he was an officer or not?

If anyone can locate any information whatsoever it would be much appreciated. He survived the war, so there's no need to look at the CWGC or SDGW.



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It's not the RAMC, but I believe it's the "British Red Cross Society and Order of Saint John of Jerusalem". I can't see his MIC on Ancestry (yet), but below is a possible chap, assuming he had a middle initial of "E".

Clicky here


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