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Albert E Crowhurst Royal Sussex Regiment.

high wood

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Would someone with access to ancestry please look to see if the medal index card or service papers for G/2926 Albert E Crowhurst, Royal Sussex Regiment have survived. I am trying to find out if he was entitled to the 1914 Star. I have a photograph that may be him taken in uniform in about 1922. He is wearing a QSA, 1914 Star and Clasp, British War and Victory medals. Albert E Crowhurst was renumbered 240747 and re-enlisted in the 5th (T.F.) battalion after the Great War with the service number 6390157. Items that came with the photograph point to him being the man but I need to be able to confirm these facts as the photograph is un-named.

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Below is a reduced copy of the MIC for Albert E Crowhurst. I couldn't find it initially using his G/2926 number as they've listed it as G12926 !!! If you would like a full size copy, PM me your e-mail address and I'll send it on.

Unfortunately it looks like he's not entitled to the 14 Star & clasp - only the 1914/15 Star.



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Eviltaxman or may I call you Evil?, (sorry I couldn't resist),

many, many thanks for downloading the MIC. I bought the photograph from a man at the carboot sale this morning. With the photograph was a 2nd battalion Royal Sussex Regiment christmas card, dated 1917 and a postcard addressed to Mrs Crowhurst, 2 Somerset Villas, Corsely Road, Groombridge, Sussex. Naturally, I rushed home and had a quick trawl through the MICs on the PRO website and thought that I had found a possible contender for the photograph. He is still wearing uniform in the 1920's. To my untrained eye, the ribbon on the Star appears to have a clasp and certainly he has pre-great war service as you can see from the QSA. Interestingly enough he only has three overseas service chevrons on his right sleeve.


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