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Royal Fusiliers numbering


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There are several men on SDGW killed whilst serving with 23rd Bn Royal Fusiliers with K prefixes to their numbers. Their MIC cards state 22nd Bn and the K prefix has been entered on the cards in a different hand. cn anyone tell me the significance. I don't believe they were transfers from the Royal Lancaster Regt. (The King's Own) or Cambridgeshire Regt but am happy to be corrected.

For example:

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If it's on Wikipedia, then it must be true...

B= 26th (Bankers) Battalion

E=17th (Empire) Battalion

J=38,39 40 and 42nd (Judean) Battalions

K= 22nd (Kensington) Battalion

PS=18,19,20,21st (Public Schools) Battalions

SPTS= 23,24th (Sportsman) Battlions

STK=10 (Stockbrockers) Battlions

I can confirm that I have found the "E" for Empire on a record, and if you look at the records for K2131 Hanwell, Ernest you will find that Kensington is also a good bet.


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Kevin thats brilliant....you have also answered another question with that answer.


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And as the 22nd Battalion was disbanded on 26.2.18, and the 23rd Battalion was in the same Brigade, I think we can deduce how they came to get the chop with the 23rd.

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