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Remembered Today:

Certificate of Transfer to Reserve on Demobilization


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Hello All,

It has been quite a while since I last posted.

I have not given up on Gunner Charles Albert Fox, 64640, R.G.A.

KEW believes his papers to be lost in the 'burnt reords'.

Today, I received his demob certificate from a relative in England.

Would the information provided on it lead me to other sources to contact in hope of picking up his trail?

Since it is dated 17 FEB 1919 and I have a photo of him taken in uniform in the summer of 1920 might this be an indicator of extended service for which a record exists?

Doug Fox

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Well it might, but not to build up your hopes too much. despite Kew's comments, have you checked on Ancestry for any sign of his records?

Ancestry has his MIC - worth downloading as it is in colour and will have a copy of the back, which on occasion holds correspondence adddress info.

You might need to be sure the 1920 date is accurate - could it have been 1918 perhaps?

If he continued serving after the war then his records might be held still by the MOD - you will need to go through the process of having them check, including proof of death of the serviceman and whether you are the closest living next of kin.

Not to give up hope!


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