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Now Thats What ICall An Index Card~


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Going through my "Cambs" men's MiCs as they begin to appear in Force on Ancestry~The Best £10 a month Ive ever spent IMO;I came across this one tonight,for Pte,later 2/Lt Harold Hursthouse Smith of March Cambridgeshire,who went on to serve as an Officer in the Indian Army,The MiC is a maze of references to his awards & delivery details;Ive not {yet } seen one so completely filled in.... :wacko:

Now has anyone seen his GSM S.Persia & Victory Medal.... :o


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Guest KevinEndon

Its groups like this you hope come up for sale but on the other hand you hope they dont or a few weeks overtime is needed lol.

Brilliant group and as you say £10 well spent but yet again its money we are having to pay out to see our heritage. I wonder what the National Archives will come up with now that their little honey pot of £3.50 per mic has dried up or nearly dried up.


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