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82 Brigade, RFA

Guest royhills

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I am tracking the service details of my Grandfather who served with the 82 Artillery Brigade, RFA and was captured at the start of Kaiserschlacht. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has uncovered any information regarding this particular Brigade,

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'A Battery of 82 Brigade was in action 1,000 yards west of Fort Vendeuil, under the command of Captain W Dennes. The mist was very, very thick in the Oise Valley that morning. It was impossible to know what was going on. By noon, the mist suddenly cleared to reveal German infantry advancing 300 yds from the muzzles. The 18-pounders smote them cruelly, inflicting such casualties that every effort to rush the guns was crushed. Quick accurate gun drill took its toll and for nearly four hours the battery held its ground. Then snipers working forward began to pick off the detachments. Captain Dennes sent a runner for orders, refusing to retire when he was hit. 2nd Lieutenant RGM Jones took command and fought on till 1700 hours, when the gallant A Battery was rushed and captured.

500 yards to the south, B Battery of 82 Brigade engaged the enemy over open sights until 1800 hours. It could see the death of A Battery but could do nothing. At dusk, the infantry began to retire and one section stood alone facing the enemy, with its casualties about the guns. In the end, the last man destroyed the guns and withdrew the detachments; another gallant stand.'

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Thanks Robert - I have in fact seen this write up contained within the St Robert Farndale (spelling?) book on the Western Front activities of the R.A. and the info. on 82 Brigade was most useful. The book is quite informative although I am told it does contain a few errors.



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