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Remembered Today:

Photo of 118th Railway Company football team


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Here's another from my FIL's collection, again all identified on the back, taken in January 1919.

"118th Railway Company RE(ME)

top of the Audruicq 2nd League - No games lost & 1 goal against us"

Names are:

back row (standing): Tom Adamson; Corpl Holloway; Dan Dunn (right back); Jock (?Jack) Johnston (goal, Scotch); Tom Philp (left back, Scotch); QMS Stark; Peter Duncan (?).

middle row (seated): Beckett; McKinna (right half, Scotch); Capt Speir; Peter Worsey [sic: actually have discovered this should be Worsley](Capt, centre half); George Flintoff (left half).

front row (on ground): Kennedy (Irish); Craigham (Not EH Bird [reference to fact that he looks like my late FIL!]); Donaldson (Scotch); McPhilquar (Scotch); Mark.




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Great picture, but they should have gone to Alice's Restaurant. You can get anything you want there......

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