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Remembered Today:

German South West Africa


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GSWA Campaigners may be interested in this cigarette card

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Very nice.

The enclosed may be also of interest. It shows members of the Union Defence Force (UDF) that took part in the campaign. Note the man in the prone position with a Madsen machine gun.


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Another view courtesy of the Australian War Memorial. Note the South African Engineering Corps insignia on the flag.



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German cavalry in South West Africa

No I don't. Instead I spent my money on buying every military set of cigarette and trade cards that I could afford.

There is much interesting information on these cards. Sadly military museums do not seem attracted to them, but they were a link between the public and the armed forces.

Many sets of cards are now reproduced and they retail for a few pounds. I am sure that The Long, Long Trail bookstore could easily sell reproduction sets like "Military Motors" (Post #1 on this thread).

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