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I need help to id uniform, could be RGA


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Hello everyone.

I'm new to this and wondered whether there is anybody who could help to identify a uniform.

Unfortunately my scanner is broken, so I can't add a copy of it but can have a good go at giving a description.

I thought it was a Royal Marine but there is no sign of the globe badge on it.

The man is not wearing a hat but is standing with hands crossed over a cane/stick and is wearing white gloves.

There is a sash around his waist and what looks like brass button running down his chest.

On the upper left arm, he has a chevron pointing downwards.

On the right arm, almost level with the elbow is a pair of crossed flags. Directly under that is a pair of cheverons, pointing upwards.

Between the chevrons and the end of the sleeve at the cuff is an ornate braid which is raised and sits on top of the surface.

There is a stand up type collar with what looks like two small diamonds, the one nearest the throat being slightly smaller than the one attached to it.

I was hoping that he was a Colour Sergeant/Sergeant Major from the Royal Marines but somebody has suggested he is a Lance Corporal from the Royal Garrison Artillery.

I know this is difficult without the image but has anybody got any clues which would help

Thank you

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The crossed flags indicates a signaller, the chevrons under it are probably overseas chevrons, the single stripe would be lance corporal unless he is artillery which would indicate a Bombardier. All these are guesses, not answers, until we can see the photo. As Grumpy says, colors would be helpful, but that is a good description.

Mike Morrison

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Sounds like an Artillery jacket. The "diamonds" are probably the flaming grenade collars. Austrian Knot braid on the cuffs would be correct for Artillery. Sounds like two GC stripes.

But of course it could be Royal Marine Artillery.

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Thanks for the replies, it's really helpful.

This is not a sketch, it's taken from an actual photograph and is made up of five out of six brothers who all enlisted for WW1.

I can identify three but two are mysteries.

Somebody in the family managed to get photos of each of them and then added the parents and made up one photograph. Obviously in black and white unfortunately.

My Dad always told me that all the brothers enlisted into the Royal Marines but one in the photograph went into the Army and served at the Battle of Dorain.

I'm going to go to a friends tomorrow who has a scanner and will get it copied and posted.

Many thanks


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Jan, the only problem I have is that the jacket sounds like a dress uniform that would not have been worn after 1914, at least in the Army. I can't say for sure that the Royal Marine Artillery might not have worn blues.

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