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Help to identify umbrella stand (large brass shellcase!)


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This is a very large brass shellcase which is 830mm high and tapers slightly from a 180mm base to 120mm at the top of the case. The only markings I can make out on the base is 260 (small)0 C inside a circle (I presume denoting 260 degrees celsius) and 580 degrees C inside a symbol of the case. There looks like a "12cm No 10" and in the centre of the base on the detonator (?) it looks like EN1 at the top, a capital B with an arrow through it on the LHS, "57" on the RHS and "07" at the bottom.

Any information on type of shell and gun used to fire it would be most appreciated.



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this is a Dutch shell for the 12cm Bofors naval gun, used on torpedoboats.

I know so because I have the same one here at home ;)

They could easily shoot targets at 20 km!



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