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Eric Dold

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I am researching the twenty names appearing on the Great War sectiion of the Port Alfred War Memorial in the Eastern Cape South aFrica. Eric was 16 when he joined up - 2nd REgt South African INfantry. He was wounded at Marriers Wood where the South Africans surrendered and died as a POW on 30th March 1918 and is buried at Le Cateau. How do I find out about being at POW after Marrieres Wood, where would he have been kept, what sort of conditiions. how would the burial have taken place, who would have notified the British forces ?? Any information appreciated. I am looking for any mention fo him in letters, diaries, books anyting - I have a reference to his school record - played First XI cricket and First XV rugby and was a prefect and aft4r that nothing - he left home and died. I dont have a photo. So any news or even a mentin by name??/ Many thanks


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My grandfather, Robert Grieve was in Gauche Wood & Marriers Wood, he too was a POW....he was kept working in the coal mines..I think called Dulmein...may have been in Austria.

They ran out of ammunition but carried on fighting, when they eventually surrendered there were only 100 men alive - the Germans were furious that they had decided to carry on fighting while having no chance of survival.


While Delville Wood receives much attention....many historians rate this battle at Marriers of greater importance....of course, every life counts.


There is a book I bought with details of these lesser known battles....for the life of me I cannot remember the name...The South Africans in WW1...something like that.


I hope you get more information, but know this....he was a hero :) Eendrag Maakt Mag 

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