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Remembered Today:

Anyone going to PRO?

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If anyone is going to the PRO I would be grateful if they could look up any of the following Medal Index Cards for me:

7972 Pte Herbert Wiltshire, 2/Wiltshire Regt

5117 Pte Thomas Wiltshire, Wiltshire Regt

7638 Pte William Wiltshire, Wiltshire Regt

???? ??? George Ernest Wiltshire, R.A ? wounded and discharged

???? ??? Frederick Richard Wiltshire, ??? probably 1918 call up.

Particularly the last two.

I would be willing to pay towards photocopying etc..



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I will be going upto the PRO during February and I would be quite happy to look up the Medal Role Index cards. (I will be looking up a few soldiers on there anyway!)

I am not too sure of the date that I will go, work permitting. It could be on the 11th or else the 19th.

I have printed off all the details that you would like to be looked at. Obviously if someone you know is going sooner than I am, let me know. Otherwise I am more than happy to look at the Medal Role slides for you and get them photocopied.


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When you go to PRO will you also be checking the Wound Badge Roll?

I have one of these " For Services Rendered" badges and would be most interested in the details of the man it was issued to ?

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Hi Jas,

Thats interesting. I didn't know that there was a Wound Badge roll! I also have a silver 'For Services Rendered' badge myself. Let me know the number that you have on the back of it, and I will look up yours as well as mine for any information.

Looks like I need to be at the PRO as soon as it opens, and on both dates! I am looking forward to it though!


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maybe I've misunderstood (in which case abject apologies) , but are you talking about looking up a SWB based solely on the number i.e. you don't know the name??

I had been led to believe that this was not possible in the PRO, since the SWB rolls are arranged by regiment/corps and, although the ones I've looked at have the badges in (sort of) numerical order, you actually need more detail to find what you want.

I understand there is a numerical list in private hands somewhere and professional researchers will check this in return for a small fee.

As I say, if I've misunderstood I'll get back in my box - and if anybody can explain how you go into the SWB rolls from the badge number alone I would love to know.

Jock Bruce

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The SWB roll is arranged by regimental districts. The one for Warwicks, for example, covers Warwicks, Worcesters, Gloucesters, Berkshires & Ox & Bucks. There are 6 volumes for this district alone.

I'm not saying it would be impossible to find someone, but it would take a long time, unless I have missed something.


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I am now advised that there is more to it than checking a list of numbers at PRO which is what I understood earlier. Does anyone know how / where to get the missing details ?

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Hi ttdO or Tim,

I have finally made it to the PRO today!

I looked up all of the names on the Medal Role Index and I have a photocopy of each for you.

Herbert, Thomas and William were easy as you had all of their numbers and the Wiltshire regt also corresponded.

As to George, well I could see only one George Ernest, R.F.A. Driver Reg no 2564 and then 825933. It looks like he has a SWB joined 19/11/15 theatre of war France and then discharged 07/04/19.

As for Frederick, the best I could find was a Private Frederick. R. There were no others I could see. It seemed that he might of joined the Dorset R or Worc. R. (I have discovered today that alot of sevens look like number nines so his reg no. could be either), 31743 or 31943 in Dorset. R or 57548 or 59548 in Worc. R.

But if you want to email me with your address then I am more than happy to send these photocopies on and let you make of them what you will! Please let me know what you think, I hope I have been able to help you.

If I don't hear from you I will send you an email as I am not sure how often you log on to this site!


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