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I found this in an old family autograph album. The Walsbys were part of my family and all lived in the Mile End area of London's East End.

Although most units I can identify, can anyone help with Albert James Walsby (ASG?)and Arthur Samuel Walsby's units (DG?)

I'm presuming the rest of them were friends, and know that the 1st name Benjamin Matthew Smalley was a pow and later married one of the Walsby sisters.


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A.S.G. is probably A.S.C. = Army Service Corps

There was an Albert J Walsby, Sgt MS/3441 Army Service Corps.

His Medal Index Card can be found here:


D.G. = Dragoon Guards? But doesn't it say A.D.C.? I'm not sure what that stands for though.

For a list of Walsbys who were entitled to great War medals look here:



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Perhaps A.O.C. = Army Ordnance Corps.


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Hi is it Arthur Samuel Walesby AOC Army Ordnance Corp, It didn't become RAOC till 1918. A possibility although I can't see an MIC


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