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Yozgad Turkey

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Any info/photos/reminiscences of Yozgad Turkey POW camp where my grandfather Alfred James Nightingale was a POW from 1916-1918.

Thanking you in anticipation for your help.

Ronald John Saunders

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The following two books have some information about the camp:

Jones, E. H.

The road to En-Dor: being an account of how two prisoners of war at Yozgad in Turkey won their way to freedom. London: John Lane Bodley Head 1920.

Johnston, M. A. B. and Yearsley, K. D.

Four-Fifty Miles to Freedom. William Blackwood, London, 1919.

There is a review of The Road to En-Dor on the main site.



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Lieutenant A J Nightingale Royal Naval Air Service, is mentioned in Appendix 1 of 'Road to En-dor' as being in Yozgad in 1917.

It also has a picture of "Winnie" and Nightingale on skis.

I'm reading the book at the moment and will keep an eye out for further references. If you have dificulty getting hold of a copy I will lend you mine on pain of death if you fail to return it :D


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