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Yorkshire Guards


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Yes, I read it recently Chris. Doing my research for the thesis I've been skimming through several books. I've got a feeling that it was a Yorkshire battalion on the left of the guards at Hazebrouck in 1918 - got the nickname through their performance alongside the Guards. Could be Conan Doyle's history - yep its "The British Campaign in France and Flanders: January to July 1918", p. 268. The 12th KOYLI (Pioneers) were so christened following 4 separate attacks on their line which they beat off. They were to the left of 4th Grenadiers at La Couronne, 13th April 1918.

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Oh, nice one. Thank you very much. My question is not an idle one. I've been asked to research a soldier and apart from his name, that's all his relatives knew.

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