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Awarded the DCM ?


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Can anyone assist by confirming if a Driver Thomas LOUGHLIN, Royal Engineers, was awarded the DCM during the Great War. I do not know his service No or have any citation details. The only details I know are that he is listed in a local Newspaper article in 1918 as being awarded the medal.

Many thanks Neil.

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I've just had a look at the London Gazette website,but could find no DCM winners at all named LOUGHLIN mentioned here. The name "T LOUGHLIN R E",however turns up in 29 editions (12 in the years 1918-1919).

This isn't to say that he wasn't awarded the DCM.It's just that I didn't find it. Maybe you'd have more luck with different search words.


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Forgot to mention!

You can find a link to the Gazette site via the "links" section on the main site.(I think!!!)

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