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The National Film - Victory and Peace

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Hi chums,

A colleague of mine at the IWM is interested in the degree of British Army support for the shooting of 'The National Film' in and around Chester in August/September 1918. This was an officially sponsored propaganda epic with the intended title 'Victory and Peace', depicting an imagined German invasion and occupation of Britain, although it was never finished, because the war ended before the film was completed. The Army reportedly supplied hundred of troops to act both as Tommies and Huns. Some at least of the infantry would appear to have been Somerset Light Infantry then in training at Gobowen near Oswestry, but there must have been other units involved too - there are references to Uhlans, so presumably at least a few cavalry. Does anyone have any knowledge about this episode - what units were involved, where filming took place, or anything else about it?

I will pass anything on to my chum, but thanks from both of us in hopeful anticipation,

Peter Hart

PS I hope when he sees the marvels the forum can achieve he will join us!

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Hello again,

I see we are having no luck. What about you Somerset Light Infantry buffs?

There is some nice film of them marching about etc. The national film was a really important and interesting project which came to nothing when the war ended. Most of the film was destroyed but enough scraps remeain to show that's its loss was a great shame,


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