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2 bn Lancashire Fusiliers october november 1918


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I look for the war diarie 2 bn Lancashire Fusiliers for the months of October and November 1918.

This unit was a member of the 4 Division, 12th Brigade

Thank you Cedric

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You can download parts from the National Archives for a fee. The Diary is in WO95/1507.

Best wishes


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early October here, may help.

1 October 1918 Battalion in Brigade reserve, in old front line trenches between Tites and Twin Copses.

Battalion HQ in [trench map 51B NW reference] O2d1.4. Reconnaissance of Brigade Right Section carried out by officers.

2 October 1918 18.30 hours : Relief of 1st King's Own started. The guides met the Bn at railway crossing just west of Boiry. 23.45 relief complete. B Company in Right front; C in Left front; D in Centre front and A in reserve. Bn HQ at O5c8.0.

3 October 1918 An operation of a minor character is contemplated. It is very important that a crossing should be made over the Trinquois Brook and bridgeheads established. Company commanders told to reconnoitre with a view to attempt crossing night 3/4th. 16.00: D Company effect a crossing at J26.c.6.3. Enemy offered little opposition and poss duly established at J26.c.5.5 - 7.6 - 9.5. 21.00: Situation fairly quiet. Enemy somewhat demoralised by our crossing the river and running about a good deal, afforded good targets for the gunners. A carrying party of 2 officers and 50 other ranks from A Company carried material for the RE to make a bridge but the enemy put down a heavy barrage and bridge was not finished.

4 October 1918 Enemy artillery very active all night. C Company 3 other ranks wounded, D Company 2 and B Company 1. 07.00: bridge established at J.26.c.6.3. 09.30: 2/Lt Orchard D Company crawled out to enemy post at J.26.c.4.8 which was unoccupied. One dead German in it with no identification.19.00: enemy put down a barrage. Enemy artillery put up a 'lengthen range' signal - [a rocket showing ] red-red-red - which is the same as our SOS. Our gunners opened fire for 10 minutes. Enemy tried to raid bridgehead but repulsed. Casualties 6 other ranks wounded. 2/Lt Mutch wounded but remained at duty.

5 October 1918

03.00: Enemy again attacked bridgehead posts but was driven off. 05.45: Enemy again attacked and repulsed. During night, two bridges erected near the dam in J.26.c. 08.00: Enemy artillery started heavy bombardment which was kept up all day on to the posts, and followed by another attack at 19.30 which was again repulsed. Casualties 2 other ranks killed, 4 wounded. 2/Lt D. Blore wounded. 2 Platoons of A Company under 2/Lt Ashley sent up to support and if necessary relieve D Company in the posts across the river. C Company put out two posts at J.26.a.4.4. and J.26.c.3.8. RE unsuccessful in their attempt to bridge the sluice. 21.00: Enemy again attempted to raid the posts but was stopped. 21.30: Another enemy attempt beaten off.

6 October 1918

05.00: Posts on enemy side of Trinquois held by D Company taken over by 2 Platoons of A Company. Fairly quiet day all day except for forward posts. 19.15: relief of Battalion by Canadian Black watch started. 22.00: relief complete. Battalion moved back by march route to Battery Valley, arriving 01.00 (7th).

7 October 1918 12.15: Battalion marched via Arras - Duisans - to Habarq, arriving 18.00. Good billets.

8 October 1918 Battalion in billets, cleaning up. Details rejoined Battalion from Louez. Major-General Lipsett, commanding 4th Division, lectured to all officers at 14.00.

9 October 1918 Battalion in billets. Platoon and Company training. Brig-general McNaughton took over command of 12th Infantry Brigade. 68 other ranks reinforcement joined.

10 October 1918 Battalion in billets. Brigade scheme set and carried out by the Battalion. Lt A.B. Winser joined the Battalion.


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PM me your e-mail address as I have both October and November 1918.

Happy to send you a copy



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