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Newbie Question re Harold William Pearson


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I have already put a variation of this question on the Photos section, but have been advised that this sub -forum, would be more appropriate.

I have a photo (poor quality) in which my Grandfather Harold William Pearson appears. It looks 'official' as they all appear to be officers, and I therefore wonder whether Kew or the regiment might have the original and the names of the personnel. No one in the family is able to identify precisely which one is our Grandfather. My Mother is 85, of poor sight, and was only 8, when her Father died. He was apparently Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant in the 26th Brigade, 109 Training Reserve Battalion of the Kings Royal Rifles. Family 'myth' has it, that he was also involved with writing the King's Regulations and had correspondence from Lord Grenville at the War Office. Is there anyway to prove/disprove this?

I would love to be able to bottom this, particularly to help my Mother understand what her Father did in the War.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Bill Birchall


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Bill, completely OT I know, but your surname got my attention. You may be interested to know that I collect Great War medals impressed to the surname BIRCHALL. I have over 40 individuals now with a total of 57 medals. I know, it's a little narrow as a collecting field but I thought if anyone would "get it" it would be you :) Regards, Geof

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I think this might be his medal index card:

Description Medal card of Pearson, Harold W

Corps Regiment No Rank

Labour Corps Home Service Employment Company ex King's Royal Rifle Corps 504807 Private

Date 1914-1920

Catalogue reference WO 372/15

From this it would appear that he served overseas, and entered a theatre of war as a private. He may have subsequently risen in rank to make QMS.

Did he go on to become an officer? It seems all in this pic are officers. If he did, then his file may survive at Kew. From that you might glean what regiment he was with when he was an officer, and therefore by matching cap badges, which may likely be him in this pic.


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Harold William Pearson is covered by these topics (includes this topic):

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In some of these topics, Bill also refers to a topic posted in the Photos section, but I haven't not been able to find that yet.

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