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Two Medal Cards Same Man, diff Discharge Date's


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Two Cards to the same man, but with differing discharge date's, i assume that the 2nd card has the wrong date and the first is correct?

The first card.


Card Number two.


Regards Kevin

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I wonder - Is it possible to be discharged in 1916 under Army Order 29 of 1919 ?

That might suggest that the latter year is more likely. Might....


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I think you are right with 1919, that is if the rolls number run in order as 0/259/2 relates to Nov 1917, and the roll number for Pitchard is 0/3037/2, anyway these other MIC's are to the 0/259/2 roll that Chris Noble gave me many years ago.




And as you can see one has the discharge date of 10/17, so this confirms that you might well be right with the 1919 year, thanks again Steve.

Regards Kevin

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